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Daniel Wittwer was born and raised in the Emmental Valley, outside of Bern Switzerland.  

After years playing professional hockey, Dany studied classic car restoration while working for one of Europe’s largest collectors.  At 23 he left Switzerland for Latin America where, for seven years, he earned his way as a surfer and adventurer applying his metal working skills to jewelry making for the first time.  


Dany went on to open workshops in Ecuador and Peru, finally landing in Taxco, Mexico, where he ran his eponymous workshop for 27 years, including the boom years of the 90s and 00s.  He was known around town for his innovative mind, and as the go-to when you had a design no one else could manufacture.  


Dany has worked with renowned jewelry brands all over the world, shipping hundreds of thousands of pieces of jewelry to countries like Germany, the Uk, Switzerland, The USA, and Australia. Certainly some of his techniques have entered the ‘catalog of classic silver design'- almost 30 years on and many are still being knocked-off the world over. 


Dany is known for his easy going style, his playful attitude, and his highly creative, out-of-the-box thinking.  He is a professional problem solver who has never been one to back away from the impossible.  He is open to all levels of ideas, and truly loves facilitating the creative process from idea through to completion.  

"When I started working with Dany is when I started to see my business take off.  He is the perfect resource for helping you bring yourself from small- scale bench jeweler to a jewelry brand producing merchandise on the commercial scale."

Amy Torello

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